Human Rights Statement

Thank you for your interest in Sunny Delight Beverages Co.’s (SDBC) commitment to human rights, including how it relates to responsible supplier conduct which is critical to our business.

All suppliers of raw materials used in our products must agree to and sign our “Standard Terms and Conditions.”    This document includes compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including those involving human rights.  Currently, our young company does not engage third parties to verify our product supply chains to specifically evaluate such human rights issues as slavery or trafficking, nor do we currently conduct unannounced audits of suppliers in order to ensure their compliance with our corporate standards for human rights issues.  SDBC would never knowingly do business with a supplier who engages in human rights violations whether it involves the use of child labor, forced labor, discrimination, harassment, occupational health and safety, slavery, or trafficking issues.  And our employees can freely report any violations they might encounter, including via an anonymous 800 telephone number. We are in the process of developing additional employee training materials around these important issues to further ensure we mitigate any risks within our supply chain.

If SDBC were to encounter any of the abhorrent human rights violation you are inquiring about, we would take immediate corrective action, including up to seeking action by the Attorney General for injunctive relief.

The Sunny Delight Beverages Co. has a deep commitment to the issue of sustainability and a broad range of sustainability initiatives. This commitment fits with the personal values of those who manage the company every day. We want SDBC to be a positive force in our communities and to become a well-respected citizen. For more information about our commitment to sustainability, please log onto